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At Onyx Flooring we focus on large kitchen renovation jobs and large kitchen tiling projects.

We work with you to help design the best possible tiling project for your unique kitchen space. Our focus is on finding the right tile to bring out the most in the room lighting and ambience. The current kitchen cabinet design also plays a part in our decisions and help us consider your options.

The range of tiles available to choose from these days can be quite daunting. Tiles have generally grown in size and the options for materials and colours is staggering. 

We can happily recommend the best tiles to suit your needs and budget, and we work with some of the best tile redistributors in Ireland, like Tile Style.

To view some of our work you can visit the Porcelanosa Kitchen Studio at TileStyle Ballymount in Dublin.

Tiles are a fantastic solution for any kitchen. They are easy to clean and maintain, they last a lifetime and are extremely durable. If you are considering underfloor heating, tiles are the perfect accompaniment as they hold the heat and radiate it through the day.

Tiled kitchen floors can be easily cleaned and you will not have the same issues with water falling on it as you will with laminate flooring. As a bonus tiles last a lot longer so are more value for your money.

Maybe you are having your entire kitchen renovated and tiling is part of that larger job. Whilst we ourselves do not build extensions or other aspects of house renovation, we do have an extremely talented and professional network of partner builders. Our partner carpenters, plumbers, electricians and full renovation specialists can help us with your larger project.

So if you need some help and advice with a larger renovation job, we would be happy to pass on contact details to you.

Likewise if you are looking for a tiler who will install a fantastic splashback in your kitchen, we can happily advise you on some of our partner tilers who focus on smaller projects.

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