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Are you looking for a striking and unique flooring or feature wall option? Many companies have begun selling large format tiles. Large format tiles offer unique designs and the opportunity to develop a unique and trendy design for your home.

The large format range of tiles from Porcelanosa and available at Tile Style in Ireland, will transform your living space.

Less grout lines on the large format tiles gives a cleaner, more modern look and enhances every tiling project.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing your tiles is the environmental impact. For example natural stone, in particular granite and marble are considered to be unsustainable materials. They are non-renewable resources, and due to the extraction process, there is a massive environmental cost in terms of energy output and waste. 

Modern large format tiles like those from Porcelanosa, are made to the highest modern standards, taking the environmental impact into consideration, and using best practices to ensure a high quality, eco friendly product. If you would like to learn more on this subject, this page on the Porcelanosa website dives into the subject in more detail.


With the high cost of marble tiles coupled with the environmental impact, modern large format tiles are providing a more cost effective but similar feel to natural marble.

It's important to note that these large tiles are new to the market in Ireland, and as a result very few tilers can work with them as they need specialist tools and a high level of craftmanship.

We at Onyx Flooring are fully qualified, have the correct tools and have designed and installed large format tiles on multiple tiling projects in Ireland.

This includes the installation of the Porcelanosa Kitchen Studio in Tile Style Ballymount Dublin

Get in touch with us and we can help advise you on your next large format tiling project.

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